Welcome to SON Rise Ranch Inc.
A Non-profit 501c3 Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch

My name is Marla James Alexander.
After several years of non-stop Traveling from State to State to care for our parents my husband Vernon and I were ready to create an oasis away from our stressful lives, and through the Grace of God we were Blessed with the task of caring for Equines and now we want to share our Blessing with you. I remember Traveling to California, one of many trips that we had taken, we had stop to buy gas and in the isle next to us was a horse trailer as I approached the trailer my eyes and a blue eyed Palomino eyes locked I could not stop looking and him and its seemed as if he could not stop looking at me, my husband was socked with amazement, it was that day 12 years ago he said to me I’m going to get you a horse someday, well that day has come and not only did I get a horse so did my husband and our daughter Kareina together we all are sharing a new beginning with these beautiful animals.

The offerings at SON Rise Ranch are formed from our collective life experiences. Our horses are selected with the same trained eye and scrutiny that is used by anybody who has a heart and love for these beautiful animals, all of our horses have kind dispositions, and are well trained, Most are in top physical condition. And others are on the way to a new beginning these are our Rescue horses that come to us due to abuse and neglect. We are on a Journey from God and one of those journeys is to acquire a Therapeutic Equine trainer as well as equines to help with disability clients.

My Story, Several years ago I endured surgery after surgery both of my feet because of leg pains and my shoulder because I was in so much pain, well I’m here to tell you that I am still having those same pains only its worse than before, I have been suffering now over 11 years in constant pain. In December 2012 I was diagnosed with FIBROMYALIGIA I learned that the surgery’s that I had endured could have been avoided because there is no cure for this disease, it is recommended that you do therapy, and horsemanship therapy has been proven to help with FIBROMYALGIA as well as several other Chronic disease.

We also have a Riding arena, first time riders can go for a leisurely stroll or the seasoned veteran can saddle up to really put their experience through its paces. To guide you through your adventure is a staff that is second to none. They set the standard for customer satisfaction and safety. Whether you choose an adventure that is set on the trail rides off the ranch property or just a leisurely ride in our arena, SON Rise Ranch will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re an experienced rider or not we have the perfect horse for your Ride. So come Saddle up with us for a day filled with fun and enjoyment.


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Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
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6151 Hudgens Road,
Atlanta, GA 30349.
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