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we are currently accepting donation to help acquire a Trainer and the proper Therapeutic horses that can work with clients who have a disability such as Aundreah and myself. WE currently have a equine in need of your help she needs a surgery that will cost over $2000 this horse will be used as a therapeutic horse to bring awareness to   AUNDREAHS FIGHT LEUKEMIA IN CHILDREN , your help is need to make this happen.

This is Aundreah.  This is her story as told by her Mother Robyn Washington
On the 4th of July Aundreah was in a minor car accident.  July 6th, she complained of severe back and leg pain.  I took her to the emergency room where they took an x-ray of her back.  They didn’t find anything abnormal, except her scoliosis.  They assumed the pain was related to her accident and sent her home with an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, steroid and very strong pain medication. 
Over the next week the pain seemed to subside, but she was still complaining of headaches and weakness in her legs. By July 15th the pain was back and worse than before.  I took her to the emergency room early that morning where they did a urinalysis.   We followed up with her regular pediatrician early that afternoon.  He ordered blood work and determined that Aundreah had a bacterial infection.  He prescribed antibiotics and sent us home. 

We had a follow up appointment with her pediatrician on July 24 and blood work was ordered to ensure the antibiotic was working. Later that day, around 6:30 pm, I received a phone call from her pediatrician.  He was concerned about her labs and advised me to take her to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital.  When we arrived at Scottish Rite emergency room they took us back immediately, as the doctor had phoned to let them know we were coming.  Around 8:45 pm, the nurse took blood and gave Aundreah a pain pill.  Somewhere around 11:30 pm an oncologist came in.  He went on to tell us about her platelet level and white cell count.  What he said next knocked the wind from me, “your daughter has Leukemia”.  This is a child that never gets sick.  Not a cold, not the flu, nothing. I was stunned!  Aundreah was hysterical and cried uncontrollably.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  I just sat.

At 17, she is a recent high school honors graduate who was on her way to Brenau University this fall to study Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising.  Now instead of checking into her dorm room, we were being admitted to the children’s hospital for treatment.  I was numb.  When they were taking us to her room there was a sign that read “cancer treatment and blood disorders”.  I remember thinking, “why are they putting her over here”.  Then I realized, my daughter has cancer.
After 13 days in the hospital and two rounds of chemotherapy, Aundreah came home.  She now has outpatient chemo every Friday along with daily medication to kill all the Leukemia cells. With an 80% success rate, we can beat this thing!

While all Doctor's, tests and treatments are focused on the disease we are focused on victory! Please assist us with raising money for Aundreah and promoting a healthy future for this beautiful young woman with such a giving spirit. Aundreah had several scholarships that would cover 95% of her tuition.  Unfortunately, she is no longer eligible to take advantage of the scholarships awarded to her this coming school year. Due to her fight with Leukemia she is not able to take the required 12 units to be considered a full time student. She is planning to take a few online classes to keep her focused on her future.

Aundreah has a great love for horses and has been a horse owner and rider for several years. Due to possible complications of injury, she is not able to ride the horse she currently owns. She is in hopes of finding the perfect therapeutic horse with a calming spirit so she can maintain as much of her normal life as possible during this time of healing.

Aundreah currently resides with her mother and 2 younger sisters. We would love to assist them in the cost of treatments for this disease as well as the overall stability of their family during this time of building their testimony!

Since her diagnosis, Aundreah has spent over 70 days in the hospital.

Whether it's a five year old with Down syndrome, a teenager struggling with depression, a 45-year old recovering from a spinal cord injury or a senior citizen recovering from a stroke, research shows that individuals of all ages who participate in Equine Assisted Therapy experience many physical and emotional rewards. Empirical research has proven benefits of therapeutic riding include: improved social interaction, problem solving, communication, social and daily life coping skills; as well as confidence building and increased physical strength and balance. Under the guidance of a certified instructor and trained volunteers, a patient benefits from the horse’s unique three-dimensional movement that replicates a human’s movement while walking. The smiles and rewards that are experienced daily by our therapeutic riders say it all! 

Working with horses can have a major physical and emotional impact on people with a wide variety of issues and disabilities.

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